Basic of Infertility

Date : June 15th, 2014


Every month I am flooded with patients, desiring to be pregnant. The Story is often disturbing. There are files and files with innumerable papers and reports, nothing arranged in chronological orders. It is often herculean task to rearrange and come to some conclusion often the reports are doubtful, may not tally with the patient’s history or clinical evaluation.

Are we suppose to teach our patients, how to approach a doctor? I think this primary things are best taught in their schools and colleges, because the orderly behavior and perfect presentation is needed everywhere, even when they appear for their job interview.

I love to discuss with my patients the basics of infertility, irrespective of whether the couple is educated or not, I try to explain in their language of knowledge, be it English, Hindi or Gujarati. First I start with female and male anatomy and its physiological function necessitating reproduction. My clinical approach is also to gain more knowledge on female reproductive system.

The basic test needed to have primary assessment is semen analysis for husband and fallopian tube testing and study of folliculogenesis for wife, before starting any medicines. It is so painful to see so many patients come with many medications without primary assessment.

It is high time to have a fixed protocol to approach an infertile couple for investigations to be followed by all gynecologists later on a doctor may choose his/her line of treatment.

It may save a couple, unnecessary medicines of doubtful use and repeated investigations of little value. Come, join a crusade, because at our hearts, it is always our patient’s well being!