Beautiful Babies

Date : June 30th, 2014


How often my young and intelligent couples, as well as not so young (should I call them old!) and less educated couples desire to have a fine baby, an intelligent baby, an extraordinary baby and often beautiful (i.e. fair) baby.

Why? I ask and the answer is a certain one. The young couple desires one and only child and so best if possible. The old couple have already one or more and not happy with their children. They are though lovable, they are either dull or less intelligent or dark complexion. I often hear them complaining like, 1) Sir, the child is just like us, black skinned, she is girl, we want next child fair. 2) Sir, the baby boy is so dull, not studying properly, nothing going in his mind. 3) Sir, we both are short, it is difficult get them married if child is just like us, short height !

I simply wonder. I know that everybody wants a tall, smart, intelligent beautiful or handsome child. That is what the requirement of present day and present society demands. Are they ok if they demand so or should they be scolded in no softer words. I still don’t have answer. Is it not chromosomes only?

Last 35 years of my practice as an obstetrician, Gynecologist and infertility specialist, I have often put into a precarious condition , where my answer is to be an after thought rather instant, more calculated and more calmer than I ever wish. Because I understand India and psychology of its people. So instead of cursing and abusing these couples, I try to help and believe me, it helps.


India is deeply rooted religious country where people pray their gods and goddesses, their saints and nuns and also those mythological creatures. They do believe in their ancestors, their beliefs and their medicines. Grabh-Samhita is an ancient science explaining about how to bring a healthy, intelligent and extra ordinary baby by following certain principles. The science is for those who believe, and it is difficult to discuss it here, but I request my couples to read these books on GRABH-SAMHITA. It prepares you from preconception to delivery and dwells mainly on what your thoughts are, good and spiritual!

2. FOOD :

I have heard my grand-ma explaining pregnant ladies about what to eat and what not to eat. By referring the many such books, articles, I am curious to know more.

Eat only home food, no late night food may have health and hygiene related matters but asking couples to select more alkaline food to help in choice of sex and more vinegar for the baby is too far yes, I do tell that like your thoughts your food may be a deciding factor.

A pregnancy should not be disturbed or medically treated for gastro-enteritis because you eat street food yesterday night. A balanced diet including carb, protein and fat in 4:4:2 proportion is ok.

3. DRUGS :

In last few decades, everybody is conscious, not to have a baby with congenital malformations. There are some which are preventable. The folic acid mania is self-explanatory hundreds and thousands of women have been benefited and starting folic acid tablet from pre-conception period is fine idea.

The recent ad up along with folic acid is methyl cobalamin in first trimester of pregnancy and adequate dose of DHA in second and third trimester DHA helps in mental makeup of fetus and there are wonderful studies published in medical literature.

Indian pregnant women need iron and calcium, and they are undeniable part of prescription, as iron deficiency anemia and deficient calcium is very common.

The use of antioxidants, amino acids and protein powders do have merits. There are always controversies, so it is better to be a doctor’s decision rather than your own. I do prescribe, presuming the good effects of such antioxidant combinations and amino acids.

If I recapitulate from my old days, there is definitely a great decrease in the number of mothers having anemia, preeclampsia and prematurity. Similarly, the babies born are with above average weight, healthy, intelligent and with minimal cases of malformation.


Physical conditioning in pregnancy is must, whether the woman is working or simply housewife. I request them to continue their jobs or household work.

A brisk 20 minutes walks and light exercise in last 3 months help immensely. Good mood too matters.

Summing up, it is prudent to say that high in thoughts and spirit, healthy food, intelligent use of medicine and great personal environment of happiness will definitely help in bringing a superb baby.


A unique technique of gradients used to separate good sperms from bad sperms, and then inserting them into uterine cavity commonly used for the infertile couple around ovulation, can be used for a planned pregnancy. A designer baby may be waiting, if the best sperm meets the healthiest ovum.

Even though there are wide spread different opinions, I have used this technique of sperm separation in my so called intelligent couples who had desire to have a planned pregnancy rather than an accidental one. I am happy to say that these couples are now more than happy for choosing this technique god creates and man recreates.

I wish to see a day when each and every pregnancy is planned one, culminating in a healthiest, super intelligent baby which may be need of hour to continue progress and prosperity of society.