The Final Stop

Blog NO. - 12

Date - 1-oct-2017

When we are young , we are so dreamy, so ambitious, and so tempramentally outward that we hardly think over our final stop: the death.On the contrary we were loud enough to sing song like, Yanha kal Kya ho kisne Jana......,


As we grow old, the realities start popping up and the wonderful days turn , painful days. There is a sombre realisation that this body is not ageless. Life is all about challenges , you faced successfully and one has to be compassionate to credibly accept the realities of life.


Just imagine driving yourself to reach a destination or simply reaching your endpoint journey- the last stop of rail travel. You are always get fresh , become tidy,and start packing things......get ready happily. Same thing should happen at your last journey. But we afraid, we become miserable.


Many a people reaching old age , start repenting. Remembering the yesteryears , they feel sorry for what they could not do and wha/ they did wrong. Never ever they remember those good days and good incidences. Your happiness should be paramount at the time of last stop. Few wise people renunciate the world, and they are the truthful people.


The journey towards the last destination of life - we label it as death should be most memorable. 7 must for the beautiful acceptance of the final truth.

  • (1) Enjoy every moment of life, considering today is last day
  • (2) Be minimalist if possible, never take physical burden with you.
  • (3) Love everyone, praise everyone , thank everyone and never criticize. Accept the realities of life with gratitude.
  • (4) Talk to your nearest as many times as possible, no bitterness , only the best of friendship.
  • (5) Don't blame circumstances, accept illness and fight, because the path ahead should be smooth and self satisfying.
  • (6) There is a list of un- accomplished agenda in a life.If you can't, pleasantly forget.
  • (7) The final journey is the meeting with God, be prepare to make it most memorable.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 1 Oct 2017