Who Is Poor?

Blog NO. - 13

Date - 8 Oct 2017

I had a fast forward TV scan on Saturday night and abruptly stopped at a mirror now. The discussion was on the hot topic of GST and demonitisation and it's effects on common man.


A housewife was complaining that inspite of Gst cut and lower inflation , food bill which is 50 percent of the household expenses is dearer and unaffordable.


A caller from Poona sadly discussing the aftermath horrible experience after a sudden job loss in IT industry. After 3 months, he doesn't know , how to pay home EMI and run the house.


I am not interested in the hot discussion which ensued in between political parties , proving their points, but I had a question, how come since independence , everyone sincerely trying to remove poverty, are unable to do so. What was wrong , ideology or it's implementation. Or the massive corruption and insincere and dishonest politicians and bureaucrats!


I see a different story , a secret agenda and criminal conspiracy. I did a study in my consulting room. I practice obstetrics and gynecology in lower class area and obstetrics and gynecology in lower class area and I see lots of women from lower communities and income group.


These women are fall into category of below poverty line. They have all benefits of POOR like ration cards, free medical help , free education for their children and over and above the all benefits of reservations because of obc, sc , st classification like free housing and government jobs.


We studied these women with other women of lower socio-economic status without the benefits of reservation benefits.


Three glaring anomalies were found.

  • (1) These poor women from poor background with reservation benefits had some one in family working in govt. Job in 65 percent cases compared to measly 8 percent in women who are also poor but unreserved category.
  • (2) They tried to get maximum advantages of various govt policies.
  • (3) The most shocking finding was their obstetrics history suggesting a multiparous status of the women in the reserved cases compared to non reserved women.In 35 years, the ob.history changed little in the women with reservation , compared to poor women of unreserved category where one or two children were the dictum.


So in nut shell , poorer of reserved produce more... And what are the fall outs of such a strategy ,planned or unplanned, leading this nation to a nation ever for poor , by poor and of poor. The sinister agenda is followed judiciously from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi. This may sound amusing but a vote bank politics which no democratic government can ignore .


If you are a worried guy , shouting patriotically with kesaria cladding about sudden spurt in the muslim population post independence , how about the so called poor population of reserved increasing four folds in last as many years.


The shocking truth is, a poor person desires to increase his family by more poorer and get the same benefits he gets, his children will continue getting and government is happy getting four times more votes in future. Who so ever is in the government, will talk of the poor. Who cares for you bloody middle class minority?


So after 70 years of independence, why India is not free of poor and poverty , does not merit a PhD study .A simple truth is neither a poor person desires to be rich and nor the government wishes make them educated , of smaller family and unreserved. That is India, my and your great country!. So next time you hear , our beloved PM Narendra Modi thunders on the stage , telling the whole world that his government is dedicated to poor , for poor and by poor , don't be amused. I promise you , a PM delivering a lecture from Lal killa in 2047 talking about poor of the nation, with same zeal and stamina. Welcome the title of poor nation, always developing........


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 8 Oct 2017