New Year Pledge

Blog NO. - 15

Date - 22 oct 2017

Every year on Gujarati new year,


In early morning I visit Huthisingh Temple , hardly a kilometre away from my old house , from more than 50 years. My disciplined father and pious mother saw to it that we all children were ready by 6 in morning in newest dresses.


I, being , son after 3 daughters , was allowed a little liberty by my mother but the father always cold feeted her efforts . So no bahana bazi. Once I questioned this early morning ritual, I saw my father being angry but he didn't answer. One day as a 10 year boy , I asked the same question and added one, why to pray God?


His answer was a short and sweet.Respect. If you respect me as a father, and pray and bow down every morning , and I become happy Why the creator of this earth and all the human being who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, should not be respected?


I asked, what he will give in reward if I pray every day and what punishment he will give if I don't! He said , he will give you Strength to survive and grow. And if you don't pray , he will do the same thing, as he is wellwisher of everybody.


The most important and difficult task to be done on new year morning , was to take a vow, a pledge in front of God to be completed in the coming year. As the pledge was taken in presence of God and my father, there were no short cut or to excuse. He later at lunch , would ask and if answer is good , he will give a smile and pat on back.


Today remembering him , I see so many things I did in my life , was because of the pledge I took every year. Starting from the young age of 10 , initial pledges were about hard work, honesty, sincerity, dedication and discipline. As I grew , pledges were about helping other classmates in study, giving books of last year to deserving students. And then about country and patriotism.


Keeping cool and calm, not to be angry , donating 10 percent of the income for noble causes and even touring all places and reading specific books and understanding religion and spirituality were all these new year pledges.


I have pledged this year to complete my books and publish them! God will definitely help in my endeavour, as it is always taken in his presence. Do you like my idea? It is for self , our children and our grandchildren.


Let them ask for a new year pledge. A pledge for self, society and country. A goodwill gesture of life time.............


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 22 oct 2017