God In Messenger

Blog NO. - 17

Date - 5 Nov 2017

In last month I have visited his place many times. He was suffering from the stage four malignancy and entered the terminal stage. His fight is super strong since last 20 years.


On that day during our talk, he had moist eyes, he held my hand , preventing a fresh bout of crying, he said Ajay, I am too late to commit but before my death I have found God here only and God is nobody else but my wife ...


I was shocked to hear but affirmed to understand his view point.


Then he discussed his 50 years of tumultuous married life , full of happenings , some sweet , some sour , some cheerful, some tearful.


Some painful, some gainful. Not a single episode , her helpful presence was not noticed like an omnipresent God. And how many times , she helped me in critical situation , solving my confusions. He then remembered all those who helped even in little things, a Godly act.


How do we ever try , reaching out for Godly act. As a child My search for God in the temples along with my parents was unfulfilled. My personal potential preferences in college days, brought out my nihilistic attitude towards God. Only in afternoon era of life, I questioned the existence in the sky( heaven ) or earth ( temples).The sun set stage is coming to realise like my friend that God is here, amongst us, at every step and stage of life , helping us thru our near and dear and occasionally by strangers.


Just close your eyes . Try to recount an extremely painful incidence of your life and see how you survive and that character is God in messenger. Let us take the happiest incidence of your life and look at the active participant, and you will find your God in messenger.


So the lessons we learn in our sunset years , are


  • (1) Thank every one who help anytime,anywhere.
  • (2) Never consider the help by family members as their resposibilty, you lose great opportunity to see God in your house. Thank all near and dear.
  • (3) Thank all those unknown people who shaped your life, shared your happy and unhappy moments and helped when most wanted.


I call them God in messenger. They have been in my life and I presume, in your life too. They come as a friend or family member, or a stranger. We have to humbly recognise and thank from bottom of heart. Have a wish to be God in messenger.


And that is the real prayer.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 5 Nov 2017