A Clarion Call

Blog NO. - 18

Date - 12 Nov 2017

That night I got up around 4 am and wondered what has happened to me. I was freshest ever and puzzled what made me to wake up so early and now what to do .


It was too early for a walk and to early for morning siesta. I keep a diary of unfinished work and thought of finishing one of them but somehow did not like to do! I went back to bed , even though there was no sleep.


Next day it happened same way. Once again it was 4 am and I was freshest ever. I asked myself, possibly an age related problem, or hint at body's malfunction. Or something else!


I realised it to be an abnormal phenomenon and searched in depth to find it to be supernatural phenomenon. A clarion call from God.


A call to awaken your sub conscience mind , stimulating your kundalini, and relate your Atma to Parmatma. It is not a time to deal in day to day problem and it's solution. It is not time to start daily chores early. It is still 4 am and for an hour or so, it is time meditate, awaken kundalini or to do shavasan. Sit upright on floor , take deep breath with om and feel it inside and slowly exhale, for 20 minutes. Pranayam, in any form is good.


Next is meditation, please allow all thoughts to go , difficult for a monkey mind. But stage of purification will be achieved slowly. .20 minutes of meditation help in mind concentration and awakening kundalini. Last 20 minutes are for shavasan, lie down in a corpse"s position, physically relaxed and mentally peaceful.


4 am to 6 am are considered to be golden hours of Gods and Goddesses . These are the hours when super conscious activities are at peak. The churning process of cleaning body and attaing peaceful mind and reaching peak of spirit , is at this time. There is an hour left for creative work. Write, read, sing prayer or do yoga.


I promise you, you will be a different person that day , highly enlightened, free of worldly worries and cures. I am trying, you may try.An aura around you needs your recognition. Best wishes.


Spiritually yours,


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 12 Nov 2017