Believe In Yourself

Blog NO. - 21

Date - 25 Nov 2017

Most of us had a humble beginning in every sprectum of life. Some of us had not well educated parents to teach, to guide or to confront with the teachers , even not knowing how to inquire about our progress.


Later in life, no body to guide for career development, which branch , which college, no quality assessment was possible.


Even with the burden in the study , we were expected to do some household chores and part time job to cover up college fees. There were only two pairs of clothes, and every evening was a wash day.


The great thing is that inspite the unfavourable circumstances, you made a victory. A great win , a solid gain. Have you ever thought that this was not possible? Never. Because we all, Even though don't analyse, we all had a strong conviction to achieve. This achievement is never without pain and suffering. There were many untold stories behind every victory. No pain , no gain.


The satisfaction, the joy, the feelings of great achievement is unparalleled. And all this because one thing , BELIEVE IN SELF. The beauty is that the dream which is impossible, improbable , is now a distinct reality.


As age advances , there are far few dreams and deterioration in self confidence. And this brings a negative attitude towards everything. The negativity, the pessimism, the protectionism are self- destructing.


Life is short and tomorrow never comes. There are hundreds of dreams lying deep down in the subconscious mind, trying to surface and scent the realities. Come on, it is time time to shake up yourself and once again BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF to turn a belief in a reality. If your spirit is high, your last minute of life will be a peak and not plateau of self- satisfaction.


Be ready for unfinished agenda , dare to dream and belief in self. Life is one time affair, love it and live to its fullest and best.Every minute counts, don't count your remaining days, count your every effort to fulfill your heart with joy and happiness.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 25 Nov 2017