The Other Option

Blog NO. - 25

Date - 16 Dec 2017

I hardly write a medical blog as eventhough easy, often brings controversy. It is far more important and interesting to deal with life improving management dealing with body, mind and spirit.


Today I change a tract and discuss an option. How often we become sick , our family members or friends become sick or even our well-acquainted patients become sick and once in a while , a cause is not known or the treatment does not work.


Many a times , in a serious prolonged sickness, everyone sincerely hope that we as doctors find out some way out or a miracle! Is there any option? In early years of my practice, I always had singleminded philosophy that allopathy is saviour and there is no alternative.


But when a near or dear had an unusual sickness challenging the convention treatment, and you had a pressure all around to please help and save life, often you had an option to turn towards alternative and complementary therapy and pray God to corner blessings.


I have had such weak moments in my life and I have turn to God for a prayer or searched out an alternative. What is wrong to offer a patient in his or her weakest moment to help ! Now a days I refer to ayurvedic, homeopathy or some other alternative means to cure various ailments, even simple life management tricks to help helpless patients.


The other option is a hope for hopeless, a treatment for untreatable and a silver lining in dark and depressing sky. How often we use a second option in our life and succeeded. There are innumerable examples. We are here to treat a patient , to cure his pathology and share the success. We should not be adamant to sink with our unsuccessful efforts and never opt for option , when we do not know the infinity of our efforts.


I request to watch a clip or two , just to never leave our efforts to try the other option in life's endless struggles to survive........


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 16 Dec 2017