Auditing Doctors

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Date - 22-Feb-2017

In my 35 years of medical practice, on many occasions , I have tried to analyse myself in two important terms : satisfaction and happiness. And mostly I had many such incidences to prove myself to be happy and satisfied.


So why to complain? We doctors occasionally complain about our odd hour working, insufficient earnings and sacrifice of personal life.


These three factors nullify the hundreds of patients whom you correctly treated and had all the words of praise.


Today a friend of mine complained to me, the bloody government trying to check your ability , acumen , integrity to decide and do a c. section. The prominent points highlighted by Ms Menka Gandhi included world figure of around 12 to 15 perceñt to ours a 47 to 87.5 percent of p.c.section section. And all these were done only for monetary gain , not to save a mother or baby.


Over the years, most dishonest and corrupt politicians whom unfortunately we have elected , have started teaching us moral lessons, and meekly we have started surrendering. Now let us discuss the c.section controversy. I do agree looking at my own hospital figure of c.section rate has definitely increased in last 35 years.


The reasons are

  • (1) Less number of multi parous patients.
  • (2) Increasing age at first pregnancy.
  • (3) life style modification of leisure, less physical activities and nutritional deficiencies.
  • (4) Problems anticipation of prolonged Labour.
  • (5) Increasing numbers of elderly infertile patients becoming pregnant by modern art technology.
  • (6) Increasing fear of medicolegal cases increase of maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality (looking at court ordering a crore rupees to a mother in an injury to newborn).
  • (7) The pressure exerted by relatives outside Labour room.
  • (8) The modern technology related to foetal medicine, possibly advising and guiding to do a planned c.section in best interest of the baby.
  • (9) The modified indications to make the safety of pregnant women and newborn of paramount importance.
  • (10) The last and least important reason can be a greedy money minded doctors planning for a timed , convenient , easy and perhaps safe method of delivery.


Now my views on how to tackle this menace at root place.


Before MY PREDCTION of future course of action by government

  • (1)Government will have a draconian law telling us what to do , when to do , why to do and what to earn?.
  • (2) Government may influence courts to punish the doctors for minor deviations strictly.
  • (3) Government may use favourable press media and tv to malign doctors quoting sporadic cases even of past.


How to deal with?

  • (1) First and foremost to my mind is to end stupidity of doctors. You charge 2to 5 or even 10 thousands for delivery which takes many hours , often at midnight of painful agony and unpredictable future. STOP THIS NOW. CHARGE MORE FOR NORMAL DELIVERY OR AT LEAST THAT OF C.SECTION. label your charge as delivery charge irrespective of the types. You should get reward for what you work.Your competitors doctors will follow your footstep soon.
  • (2) Make your own consent paper for normal delivery highlighting all problems faced including foetal and maternal morbidity and mortality.
  • (3) In small nursing home atleeast call your colleague to help and neonatologist to stand by at time of delivery and explain the cost factor in advance. Your work may decrease but not your collection.
  • (4)Don't participate in any government programme for mother and childcare , unless they acknowledge our importance in the society.
  • (5) Unite and fight at social media as you can't pay to presstitutes.
  • (6) Ask IMA to come clean and support the move to understand a plight of doctors facing the hardships understand a plight of doctors facing the hardships while conducting vaginal delivery , like physical and mental trauma, pittance gain and hostile relatives. My teacher always told me that it is easy to do bypass surgery in an optimum environment and best medicines and medical gadgets and men than conduct a delivery with unexpected turns in presence of minimum facilities and mostly unqualified staff. At the end we give a new life, so deserve more money than a bye-pass surgery.


Let us fight.


Dr Ajay Shah

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