The Truth Of Loneliness

Blog NO. - 30

Date - 20 Jan 2018

A page of personal diary. " Today is Sunday. I feel lonely.


No work place, no commuting, no friends and no passersby. In house, live characters will pop up from tv screen or if I read from a book or kindle, the imaginary characters will run a mock.I ask myself, am I alone?"


Truth is I am always alone. Even in the company of people around you, you are always alone. The soul is true friend of yourself, otherwise there are formalities all around us.


Why do you want to have a company, sharing thoughts, caring people or tearing disbelief! Or liberating pain and anguish, making a smile or laughter, or simply performing a daily routine! We , many times , inwardly assessing ourselves to truly calculate the happiness index of being alone and together. The happiest persons are mostly alone. If it is so, why to complain loneliness?


There are two types of loneliness. One , when you are physically alone and second, when you are with people around you and still alone.( absentmind). One is physical and second is spiritual. You can have a spiritual loneliness in physical self also, while meditating. The big advantages of being alone is


  • (1) Analysing a thought process and solving problems
  • (2) Decision making and implementing ideas
  • (3) Creating self- awareness and seeking spirituality.


The great people all around the world, are lonely people. They are writers, poets, musicians , teachers, painters, saints . Of late , if you feel happy being all alone, neither afraid nor panic!


Something positive is taking place, a good thought or a great idea of sympathy or empathy, love and sacrifice , sharing and caring. Be one in the world, be self motivated one and be spiritual one. Contribution to the society is highest by lonely people. Detachment is the greatest attachment with the highest authority. Self-salvation is the sincere effort to purification.


Enjoy loneliness.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 20 Jan 2018