Dishonest Nation

Blog NO. - 33

Date - 11 Feb 2018

I travel by rickshaw. My distance between home and clinic is definitely fixed one and the route is also fixed one. Only variation is the charge varying from Rs. 22 to Rs. 40. There can be many reasons including meter malfunction but inner truth is DISHONESTY. There are innumerable examples of this disease spreaded like wild fire engulfing whole nation.


Either a vegetable vendor manipulates his weighting machine or an Audi owner hides income for tax purpose, a pupil cheating a teacher copying an exam paper or a young married offering flowers of love to an innocent girl , is dihonesty. It is prevalent everywhere , govt. Offices or private establishments, health institutions or educational system. With poor people or rich , it is an epidemic.


The character building of a nation depends on many factors but truth is , it entirely responsibility of its people. And five characters of a person , like sincerity , discipline, dedication, hard work and honesty are pillars to a nation building.


Why the decay and what are the remedies? The disease of dishoesty is so prevalent that it seems incurable and most of us will say. " Nothing can be done. It is in our blood. JAVA DO. "Sad part is, it has started involving young generation.


My humble suggestions:


  • (1) Make our children responsible and teach them values of honesty.
  • (2) DISHONESTY should be made a punishable act.
  • (3) Well, only infuencial people in either higher echelons may make a mission to educate and influence the people . Like cleanliness drive , our PM may initiate Honesty mission . So many saints and spiritual leaders may initiate a movement. It is not the defective genes , but defective mentality. And it is curable.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 11 Feb 2018