The Difficult Decision

Blog NO. - 34

Date - 18 Feb 2018

It was atleast a worst time to pick up a mobile as I was examining a patient. Within minutes it rang again. Later on I found out its origin from an old age home and asking for some donation. We all get such calls with increasing frequency. Many a times, we are not able to make out the worthiness of the calls and just neglect, refuse without verification.


This time I thought otherwise. The lady on phone was polite and requesting me to help, not a cunning begging nor a forceful eexploitation. But I had a difficult dilemma. I was somehow always suspecting bonafides of such callers and thought to be cheaters. But this time I thought otherwise and decided to visit the place.


A recent exposure to an incidence led me to change my perspective. A man called Nirav Modi made a bank to bleed for more than eleven thousand crores and every available media labelling loss of money from taxes of hard earned money from the citizens of India, you and I included.


I realised that the the servants of the nation , dearMLAs and MPs , tax us at a gun point, and we don't have any forum to complain and without my willingness I pay , no argument. I even can not ask for the use of my money for a specific agenda for the country nor can complain to them in case of misuse of the money, Every year I read the scandals of an unprecedented level and sigh in disbelief. Even though it is my money being wasted , I can not complain.


So this time I ththought of visiting an old age home and take a decision myself. The visit was an eye opener. I don't want to discuss the social implications of old age homes and start a blame game and not interested in the reasons of the owners to ask for my help , I was simply interested in whether my help is worthwhile or not. I looked at the faces of futureless forheads of thousands of lines of grief and despair and when I heard some of them , it was a simply a lump in throat and ocean of tears ready to explore. Even for a moment I saw myself sitting amongst them. I made a donation.


We all have money. We all have surplus money. We all have now a satisfactory and happy life. We need to channelise our needs of today and tomorrow and at the same time wish to help a genuine cause. Why , we as a what's up group, can do something extraordinary to gather? It is time to soul searching and awakening.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 18 Feb 2018