The Silence Of Anger

Blog NO. - 36

Date - 4 March 2018

What are you planning to write next? Asked my friend after accepting my apology for not forwarding my first book about Gujaratis.


" I said a patriotic book , a book on plain revenge , a book on silence of anger. "My friend was confused. He wanted to understand the subject. I requested to see a last movie of late actress Shridevi, MOM. I said so and departed. Next day he complained to me that the movie is lots of violence and where comes the silence?


Let us see our daily life , you have every day a complaint for water, electricity, food , roads, transport, school and college fees, land and property cost , etc...... YOUR grievances are genuine, your concerns are legitimate but you have no power. Your written complaint may be lying in waste paper basket , your everenthusiastic court case is waiting for sad demise of democracy. The wait is too long.


In a democratic country , a noble citizen like you have no great expectations. You need a simple life, an affordable house, good education for children, simple eating for two times for family and to live on , a simple steady job. Sadly this is not possible for the majority people.


Their trust in politicians, police., buerocrats and judges soon evoparate. Every morning he reads a head line on corruption. He believes, if you can't abolish black money , you can't corruption. This daily dose of dissatisfaction and unhappiness leads to the silence of anger and it needs to be addressed.......


The silence of anger is either

  • (1) Channelises in further silence.
  • (2) Ends into peaceful protest.
  • (3) Revolutionises in a bloodbath.


The third option is deadly , the end results are bloody. There is fear psychosis and there is possible reaction. But this is the remedy for the deeper malaise. Let me discuss an imaginary scenario.

  • (1) A roadside daytime killing of a business tycoon , will not only prevent misappropriation of eleven thousand crores but eleven crores only.
  • (2) A corrupt official is killed on his office table, giving a loud and clear message to the colleagues.
  • (3) A juvenile offender of Nirbhaya rape case is killed on his birthday, he achieves his adult hood and not allowed to go Scott free.
  • (4) 4.The builder whose building collapses , killing many , is killed at site of construction. Making other builders to shiver.
  • (5) The corrupt buerocrats, police politicians, and judges are killed live in a republic day parade.


Well, this list can go on and on.


There would be initial resistance from the concerned people, and uproar by political parties but then the victory is of sufferers.


The likes of Bhagatsingh is need of hour orelse many would live and die unhappy. Jaihind


P.S. This is a fictional blog. Don't buy a gun tomorrow and start eliminating the enemies of the people!


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 4 March 2018