You Are Unique

Blog NO. - 37

Date - 11 March 2018

Two doctor friends met after many years. Both well established, one as a g.p. after mbbs and another consultant after md. After initial formalities, the GP friend complained.


About status, about money earned , about riches gained from the money like bungalow and farm house, cars and foreign tours, lavish marriages of children.


He summed up, the end result was a severe depression.


The consultant doctor was wordless, not because he didn't know the answer but he never wanted to hurt a friend further, whom he met after many years.


This isn't a sporadic incidence, if you closely observe , it happens often. I wish , none of us should consider a case of jealousy or negative attitude or rarely depression. It is simply a case of poor self-assessment.

  • (1) As an early entrant in gp, you are early earner, saver and invester.
  • (2) Your family life starts early and family happiness is earned early.
  • (3) Your reputation is established early and your good will created early.
  • (4) The satisfaction quotient is biggest as number of patients treated are many.
  • (5) The percentage of the monetary gains culminated in the positive gains are far less. So the real happiness is with less gainer than more gainer.

So who is happier person? The complainant or complainee. To put forward Lord Buddha's perception of the true happiness, one complaining, hides his achievements and gains , at the same times hides the negative points of opposition. This is true human nature, which survives on the thin thread of boasting belligerence and stupidly meek submission.


You are never a looser.You are always a gainer. You are an UNIQUE person and you are only one and absolutely un- comparable. The moment, you realise the truth and accept instead hide, you are the happiest person. There is only competition and that is with you. And so there is only a victor and that is you. You are one and only one, always fighting and winning for self.


You are un- comparable.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 11 March 2018