When Did You Cry Last

Blog NO. - 39

Date - 25 March 2018

We all are more or less emotional people and expressing emotions, is a natural extension of our belief. The tears are represented by emotional outbursts of either extreme sad or good news. The perception of the cry , loud or silent , and tears, few and flooded is judgemental of the inner belief. It touches your heart.


I am very sensitive person, tears dwell easily and roll all over effortlessly . Often I can not control. Do our tears represent a shocking revelation of a crime committed, a hurt caused by self or others, a sad end to a matured relationship, a sudden demise of beloved one or the extreme joy perceived by the situation.? To be honest, it can be any situation. There are people who never cry, expert at hiding emotions. So grading people on expression , some are emotional, some are more and some solid stone hearted.


Today I ask you a simple question, when did you cry last?


Please answer after my narratives: You are at your thinkable best, with a cup of coffee or tea and sun setting in your front and your life is stereoscoped in front in instalments. Watch every part of your life and find out, how many times , you missed crying?


You made your child crying, not giving what he/she wanted and now he/she is remembered by you from thousands kilometres


Your spouse wanted few minutes of solace in his/her miseries and you had no time.


Your ageing parents were simply dying of loneliness, and you had no ears to hear.


Your junior colleagues were expecting a sound hearing , got a sound thrashing. Ending a promising career in to a night mare.


The begger, whom , you never gave a penny, was dead at the same place begging lying dead.


Just go thru the screen shots of the life and there are innumerable examples of chances , you missed to cry!


Simply watch nobody except your wife and her devotional sacrifice of life, for You, for your children, your parents and your friends . And remember, she was equally competent to be in best of best list ahead of You. In her own hall of fame.


Let us have tears for her as you are missing and have missed hundreds of opportunities to express self. 
Let us cry for forgiveness.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 25 March 2018