Attachment And Detachment

Blog NO. - 41

Date - 8 April 2018

When I was an young boy , I was always attached to something that no body can snatch. The possessive attitude of self was neither challenged by nor corrected by elders. The years ahead in life brought so many such attachments. And all of them brought short term happiness and long term miseries.


The life is perfect tense of past , present and future and nothing changes if you don't learn and change. Your attachments for the beautiful things and beautiful people are short lived, self- centric and painful. The joy is temporary and the future is disillusioned. Really speaking , all these materialistic medieval misadventures may mar than make you happy. Eventhough you know the spiritual gain of life , that you have come alone and will go alone.


Albert Einstein once quoted that compassionate people are genuine in the art of living. A dignified , secured and joyful life is more powerful than discovery of knowledge. The more you search for happiness, the more is your disillusionment. The more complex is your decision making, the more is painful gain.


So what is the life' s lesson, we all should learn? Detachment.


Detachment comes with understanding, ageing and experience. It is a process of understanding self, respecting self and rejuvenating self. The day you realise yourself and understand yourself, your inner self will detach you from worldly worries and cures as they all are perishable.


So your beautiful house , beautiful car , beautiful friends and family members are all perishable, not permanent. Even your beautiful face may become faceless. How much struggle , you endured to maintain these vanishing attachments? And what you gained when anything went wrong. A desire to achieve ended into the cupboard of broken pieces and broken hearts!


So truthfully, you have to humbly search for your day of reckoning, day of introspection and a day of truthful bliss. You don't have to travel to Himalaya or the Hills of God's abode. In the serenity of your house and self ,


START DETACHMENT. It is a process and will continue, will make you most contented person.


1. Life is small beautiful train journey with small stations to stop and final for permanent departure.


2. All people meeting in the journey do depart and so are the places and belongings.


3. The love, friendship, relationship are selfish attachments created out of insecurity.


4. The materialistic joy and pleasure are attachments of mistaken identity of happiness.


5. The detachment is the truth of life and it is simple " let it go" .


Wish you a good morning of inner aawakening


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 8 April 2018