Emotional Wellness

Blog NO. - 44

Date - 29 April 2018

I am hurt easily. I am sensitive and caring person and expecting an expected response to my understanding, which does not happen most of the time. So is the feeling of hurt that many a times creates a viscious circle of anxiety, sadness and depression. I see in me a small child crying for not getting a toy.


Everyday we all face piquant situations challenging our physical and mental wellbeing. Some are out of expectations and some are purely mechanical. In first group, other human beings , near , dear and some times unknown are involved and so is the ratio of pleasure and pains when our expectations are met or not.


We can not separate body from Mind. I earlier wrote about Mind matters. Physical wellbeing can not be separate from emotional wellbeing. It is easy to say but difficult to get balancing .


But it is necessary. More are the efforts to convince others, more are the chances of getting failure and frustration. What is needed is self- conviction. Every physical activity is surrounded by emotional activity. A work is not done or done unsatisfactory, a pure mechanical part, but the expectations are not met , a pure emotional part


Emotional wellbeing is cornerstone of the happy and satisfactory life. It releases the pent up feelings of grief and despair and bring joy and pleasure. Every day we meet hundreds of people and hundreds of situations. It is difficult to get what we want and what we expect.


And remember, you can not avoid.


So no escapism, only confrontation. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS will bring a positive result. How to achieve and win :


1. Deep breathing excerises.


We all are wellworse with Anulom and Vilom and immense benefits of this simple pranayam . Start from inhale, stop and exhale with 1:1:1ratio to 1:4:2 ratio from left to right and right to left for 15 minutes.


2. Self- compassion


When we criticise ourselves, we bring out negative feelings and thoughts which are amplified. It is better to be composed, cool , calm and considerate to be a compassionate person. Present yourself in a positive frame of mind.


3. Share ( talk it out )


Please bring out your emotional outbursts to a friend, it will relieve you and may allow you to understand another view point, which may help. It is a psycho therapy or talk therapy. Emotional wellbeing will bring true , long lasting wellness of self. And it is in your hands and mind.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 29 April 2018