The Gut Feeling

Blog NO. - 3

Date - 30 July 2017

Last month recovering from an iatrogenic physical disability, I had an ample time to be philosopher of my physical status spiritually.


I ask myself, am I really a M.D. for myself as well as my patients.?


Do I know everything or yet to know much more about human diseases and their behaviour?


Do we master ourselves with treatment of symptoms with available armaments of medicines , ever trying to reach the root cause of the diseases?


The month was used to recover and introspect and ideal time to read from the discomfort of sickbed.


It is purely a medical subject.....

  • (1) A disease is inàbility of human body to fight organisms and doctors ' inability to find why
  • (2) A doctor merely treat symptoms and never cures a disease. But symptoms free patients are happy and so is doctor.
  • (3) There is a inbuilt mechanism in human beings to correct self, but we doctors don't allow it to work.
  • (4) We are blessed with trillions of cells recovering and rejuvenating themselves, but our onslaught of drugtherapy make them confused and complicated.
  • (5) By genetic count, human body is simply one percent, 99 percent is organisms lying in the gut. percent, 99 percent is organisms lying in the gut. If you are worried about the well being of yourself, respect your gut and gut favourable bacteria whom we insult by antibiotics. If you are worried about diseases of genetic predispositions, then respect gut organisms. They are huge majority.
  • (6) Consider Food as medicines. Respect allergies, Refuse the food which your gut is refusing. Eat what is good for the gut and not to eyes and tongue.
  • (7) High fat diet helps immensely in health and weight loss. We have been told contrary to the recent research being done.
  • (8) 80 percent of diseases originate by disrespecting gut , either by gut inflammation or dysbiosis.
  • (9) Find out a list of pro and anti inflammatory diet. Make habit of eating only gut friendly anti inflammatory diet. Next decade will be of food and nutrition support to fight diseases and not antibiotics. Nutraceuticals will far outreach pharmaceutical in success over ailing humans.
  • (10) The era of doctor practising Functional medicine is not faraway, a hot discipline of medical practice in USA.


To sum up so many books, I am tempted to us John F Kennedy 's words " For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie- deliberate, contrived , and dishonest- but the myth- persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set unrealistic. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thoughts.


Happy Sunday.

Dr Ajay Shah