Wait For A Minute

Blog NO. - 48

Date - 26 May 2018

How often we say , wait for a minute. Many a times we say such things without any afterthought. We even do not know that a crucial minute will do , just what we wanted or simply an exagerated confidential outburst!.


Take an example, preparing for attending a marriage, and every one is ready, you say , a minute please.A boy's father waiting in a car, the boy reading a last minute tips for the exam , says wait for a minute. Attending a phone from a busy kitchen schedule, the woman exasperatedly calling to wait for a minute. Not necessarily, it will be a matter of only one minute, it may take even more. A bride having a last minute patch-up , will ask for a minute before final entry.


So what is this ONE MINUTE? This one minute is the time we buy for the self to complete a task. We anticipate to gain considerably. We expect a miracle to happen. We impatiently wait for a correction to happen! Truthfully , all our expectations, desires, and anticipated acts are to be fulfilled by this simple one minute WAIT!


This one minute, is huge embarrassment, if said but not done! This one minute is lost opportunity , if not trusted! This one minute is a sad affair if promise unfulfilled! This one minute is neither of a conflict nor of a controversy but of a confidence.


So the lessons of the life , we learn from this one minute wait, are :


1. Time is important, even a minute is precious.


2. A minute allows you to complete the task in shortest possible time.


3. It reflects a highest degree of confidence , to achieve.


4. It creates a level of mutual trust and respect on completion of waiting period.


5. It always shows urgency of the matter and importance of its finish.


Next time when you say, wait for a minute, it is matter of great concern of anxiety, expectation, desire, trust and confidence.


Let your one minute wait makes everyone happy,including you.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 26 May 2018