The Fear Factor

Blog NO. - 52

Date - 24 June 2018

From childhood onwards , I was accustomed to a fear factor.


Eat well orelse , a Sadhu will come and take you away. Even God will be brought to create fear. Doctors are easy prey and so often , sleep immediately or else I will call doctor and will give you an injection! In an young, innocent mind , where learning process is preceded by every thing else and mind matters most, Should we consider the so called suggestions, merely brain l tormenting phenomenon instead of brain storming ! A highly damaging act!


Now follow the consequences of this fear factor as you grow. Every thing you do is related to a result, and to get it according to pre-planned notion, an unnecessary fear is created. Whether it is examinations, or planning a trip or buying something for home or even getting married, a fear factor is created.


A fear is created for two reasons, one, to get best or satisfactory. Second to avoid something , which is not likened by many. There are numerous examples to prove this fear factor. A child asking a chocolate, a marriageable boy refused a choice or even an old retired people refused something to eat.ln first and last, the boy and old man , may possibly upset their tummies and their side effects and young man marrying his choice, may possibly upset the established conviction.


Just imagine a world without fear, and see how happy we are. We are just like an year old child rushing to pick something, which is too hot or too cold. His first experience will teach him a lesson of what to do and not. There is no place for a fear factor. An exam going student will be a happier without fear of shape of the paper and aftermath of the results. Even if you create fear, it will not change the shape of the paper nor the result.


Can you start from today, an aacceptance of the things as They are or they were or they will be, without bringing a fear factor:


1. I am a child of destiny, I am not here to change the world order..


2. I will do whatever I am supposed to do without any expectation.


3. I will never pressure myself, my colleagues, my friends and relatives to do something result oriented. As best efforts are need of hour.Results are end points.


4.I am mature enough to justify the importance of my deeds in background of learning from the past experiences of others. That will help me choosing right path.


5. In my sickness, in my desperation, in my depression and in my defeat , I will not allow the fear factor to weaken me. On the contrary, I will search for the rays of hope.


6. In my life , I will not allow my failures to create a fear factor in me, on the contrary, I will be strong enough to learn and succeed.


So goodbye to FEAR.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 24 June 2018