This is my money

Blog NO. - 54

Date - 8 July 2018

World over the governments, democratic, dictatorial or anything else try to pretend that they best serve their people and only they try to improve their lives and give them a fair degree of quality life. Truth is vice versa. They in fact make many a lives miserable.


Every now and then, the governments declare various schemes , for the benefits of the people and their wellbeing.


Rs. 3000 crores for ailing small scale industry, Rs. 5000 crores for loans of poor farmers, Rs. 15000 crores for the welfare of police and other forces, Many thousands crores for the obc, sc, st and bc.Around 10 lakh cores to oxygenate ailing national banks. And equal amount for the sick government run institutions like air India.


You must be pleased to read such headlines in newspapers or watch them on tv as breaking news. If you start totalling the amount to be spent by government for the welfare, I am sure , you will be half dead by shock. At one moment, you will be happy by the generosity of the government for people. But deeper you deal with this generosity, you will find certain unpleasant truth.


The money announced in millions, billions or trillions announced by the government is SADLY YOUR MONEY AND MY MONEY, This money is collected by the government as various taxes on us. We elect them to better use this money in genuine indications of people's upliftment schemes.


Please understand,


1. The loss made by any institutions must be their responsibility and their inefficiency be not covered by government using our money.


2. Natural calamities and accidental deaths are generously covered by govt. using our money.There should be checks and balances.


3. The frequent announcements , of helping ailing banks, instead of punishing the corrupt bank officials and offending loan takers, is a protection of bad at the cost of good. The devils are recipients. This must end.


4. The malafide intention in road resurface to purchase of Jaguar planes, is of course at our money. Our money must not be corrupted.


5. It is so sad that we elect them , we rejoice their victories, and then give them our hard earned money to misuse.


It is time to make them accountable. It is time to punish them. It is time to do their mob linching. It is too late to punish them democratically as the elections are bought by them with ill gotten wealth and voters are purchased.They are all immoral, unethical , dis-honest pigs who never afraid of powerless, wordless, silent people.


Let us start a movement.


1.Go to courts to challenge the government 's rights to use our money without our permission.


2. Ask for their accountability in the time of election and get a written pledge for not misusing our money.


3. If they remain adamant animals, hard to correct, improve and learn, it is time to abolish them physically, mentally and economically.


Waiting for the golden days.....


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 8 July 2018