In Search of A Home

Blog NO. - 55

Date - 15 July 2018

We are not only graduating in education , but lot many sundry matters, like selecting a home.


Your needs are changing with passage of time. You wanted a 3 bhk flat for you and your children, then you were exhausted seeing same people with same problems. Your next choice is a farm house , leisurely called week end home. Everybody in the family is upset about your choice but no body argues. Years pass at a supersonic speed and left over is your weekend home minus children . Now you find the house too far away , too big to clean and maintain and too peaceful to ears


You are past your sixties and your new adventure is yet another shopping for a house. Asiana dhhoondhte hum........


Now you want a house in central location, in vicinity of Medicare, shopping mall , library and relatives . It is yet another compromised situation. You often dream a house in a scheme where every other facility is provided , like laundry and house keeping with inbuilt kitchen.


No worry to prepare food and no worry to clean vessels.


The biggest learning lesson from changing habits of house selection is the mortality of the ideas. What ever you do , how much you try , you are children of destiny and you have to follow a more realistic approach .The most difficult situation has an easy solution and often an easy problem needs a difficult solution. The house hunt falls into second category, looking an easy situation. Even the best buy is often challenged by a question of who will manage after you.


The learning lessons are:


1. Nothing is permanent, so no heart burning and no aftershocks.


2. Desire changes with passage of time and prevailing circumstances .Acceptance with minimum fuss is true reflection of your maturity.


3. Practability is a right approach to a most complex situation. The crying is unnecessary for departing materialistic possessions.


4. Change is the need of hour and one should change with the tide of time. Remembering your glorious past is useless , in present day scenario.


5. Nothing is immortal. That applies to your all possessions.


The love, the friendship, the attachments to living or non living objects are temporary and best to accept.


In search of God's abode,


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 15 July 2018