How to kill a nation

Blog NO. - 57

Date - 28 July 2018

A friend sent me a BBC sponsored short movie on Venezuela crisis, a country on brink of bankruptcy. An year ago , we heard of similar situation in some European countries including Greece. These are the developed countries with an extremely strong GDP and reserves. These rich countries have wasted their resources for petty things , entertaining their people without restrains.


The story of developing and many under developed countries, in painful transition are stories of utterly unbelievable chaos created by so called people oriented policies. India, being one , I wish to deal a thread bear study. I wish to see many of them not surviving the next decade.


If one is certain to believe in the figures of GDP , Fiscal deficit, Reserve ratio , Inflation and earnings, of various countries, one will be a wishful thinker of happiest people all around us. But sadly the real story is different: There are unhappy people, who are disappointed, disgruntled and disturbed. They are shocked in disbelief and disheartened by dilemma and difficulties. Their happiness index is lowest.


I have my personal understanding , on how to kill a nation. It may apply to all or few , in toto or in parts, five cardinal principles:


1. Mismanagement of money. Either reserved or borrowed as loan. The money wasted on highly imaginary schemes or pro - poor free schemes. Any nation serving a free ration , is creating a nation of lazy, idle, corrupt people.


2. Inadequacy of health care. A country highly dependant on the curative treatment, with minimum regards to preventive medicine , soon becomes a deficit state. A clean air , water and food is the priority.


3.Making education a sub stanard , immoral and business type. More the privatisation of the education, more is the number of poor quality of doctors engineers, ca, cs and commerce graduates.


4. Reservation: Any type of reservation,.be it a cast based, religion based or gender based is sure sign of a future catastrophe.


5. Militarise political affairs and nuclearise the nation to popularise the fanatic people. Military control of internal affairs surely brings instability.


India stands 4/5 and Pakistan having 5/5 marks; It is in the best interest of the people to select a 0 / 5 country. No mis use of money, no free lunches, no free education, no reservation and no military intervention.


Wishing you a new, bright and healthy and happy nation.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 28 July 2018