Home Alone

Blog NO. - 60

Date - 19 August 2018

It was a rare moment of togetherness, I touched her fingers and said, how I will manage myself without you?

This was not a final call from God's head quarters but a weekly out station visit . She explained me all things , showed me little things and said need not worry, I have arranged every thing.

On a day when I was all alone at home , a little chill passed thru my body and bones and I shuddered. How I will manage myself without her ?

She manages my every second not a big minute and not lousy one hour. The things she does, includes everything, every little thing, Morning tea, to clothes cladding in bathroom, to ironed pair for clinic , a look outside to confirm car is washed and cleaned. Takes away few bills to be paid and shows me a long list of household purchase , she will complete before I return home.

Lunch , afternoon breakfast and dinner are as usual ready. I just don't remember, when I last purchased for the home?

Who cleaned up my room and neatly prepared my bed and who helped my children to grow and grow till the day they were married? And how many social events , she attended in my absence due to social events , she attended in my absence due to my patients first policy. And of course, she asked money to run house but l never asked, do you want something?

I am at home alone, I am wishful thinker, I pray God to make me his first choice at his door but God is great and needs company of equally competent people and that's why I may enter heaven little later.

So what, if your partner departs early ;

1. Live where you are living, your cherished memory land.

2. Continue whatever you are doing, part time or full time.

3. Be hobbyist. Develop one, no age limit.

4.learn cooking , easy simple things. Alternatively you can survive on salads, vegetables and fruits.

5. If you have friends, frequent your meets and if not, visit common interest groups..

6. Simplify life;, uncluttered and minimalist.

7. Call to your wilful inherent gainer, don't have a surprise.

8. As you are all alone, arrange for emergencies .

9. Be in touch with your neighbour daily .They will contact you if you don't.

10.Don't trust unknown in your crucial last days.

11. Pray almighty every day to take your care , with affection and love.

12. Charity for your lovable social cause, will immotalise you.

13. Friends are forever and be informed about

13. Friends are forever and be informed about emergency.

14. Let your moves be known by children , provided they are interested.

15. Expect a farewell of wisdom, truth, love and compassion.


Live every day .


Kal ho na ho.




Date - 19 August 2018