Blog NO. - 62

Date - 02 September 2018

I left Cancer Hospital in 1982 to start my private practice. A fortnight after leaving, I visited hospital to meet friends. The euphoria ended soon, I came across the reality. My name plate was missing. That made me little agonising and agitated. Three long years and lot many happenings , all flew like a whispering touch. For a moment , my eyes became wet. 

It is now 35 years in private practice and often I sit alone after consulting hours, and observe a dead silence , a soft touch of breeze and melting ego.

A question surfaces from underlying restlessness, where I will be after sometime? And where will be my name plate?

Perhaps in the heaps of garbage!

Reality is painful and depressing.

I see myself in the ocean as a floating from depth. I have all glimpses of nostalgia of yesteryears and time and again a lip corner smile or a eye corner tear, baffling me. Yes , one day my name plate will be missing.

And yes , one day my name will be missing. Those souls whose names are gone before nameplates , are lucky few. The mission impossible is not salvaging name on nameplate but to be imprinted in hearts and name on nameplate but to be imprinted in hearts and minds of many many people.


How to do?

1. Love every one. Don't show your non-liking.

2.control anger. Control feelings.

3. Hear more, speak less.

4. Be courteous. Present mannerful to even your juniors.

5.Be opinion seekers , rarely you will need to give.

6.Show less, simplicity attracts, it is ego melting.

7. Donate for noble cause. A charity , small or big is worthy of eternal happiness.

Name should be plated in hearts of all near , dear, known and unknown.



Date - 02.09.2018