Blog NO. - 63

Date - 9 September 2018

I had a schooling in a gujarati medium school and so often teachers irrespective of their subjects, gave innumerable examples of the great people and expressed desire that one of us be like those heroes. Even my PT teacher would wish me to be like Gandhiji. And there were so many roll models like Bhagatsingh to Swami Vivekanand. The story back home was no different, here also there was a long list of heroes to follow. The peace loving self was subjected to a never ending world of AMBITION.

The story does not end here.

The killer instinct was developed to fulfill ambitions. And now there were plethora of these. To be first in every thing, and that brought competition and jealousy. The great heroes went into back ground , and we were simply put into a rat race of achievers, succeeding scarcely. This taught us jealousy, hatredress, rivalry and cunningness. To be correct, the seeds of future depression were sawn in these unfulfilled ambitions.

My father , a businessman, had an ambition of my preference for his business and most of the time talked of Kasturbhai Lalbhai and IIM. So sorry time talked of Kasturbhai Lalbhai and IIM. So sorry that I couldn't fulfill , but he accepted my choice. My choice was not mine, but it's a different story. We all are victims of ambitions. We should gladly accept the realities and accept the code of life : life is to live and leave.

1. Expectations are mother of all worries. Be realistic.

2. Potential of a person be judiciously judged and accordingly future is planned.

3. Ambitions of planned aims and objectives are achievable. Do not force children achieving sky.

4.Never ever allow ambition to kill friendship and family values.

5. Unfulfilled ambition is no defeat, it checks your steadiness to ground reality, readiness to accept truth and distances from the evils of jealousy, hatredness and annynomity.