Blog NO. - 67

Date - 07 October 2018

I travel by rickshaw very often. And find the driver very interesting. Just to pass time, I talk to them various topics and some time find their talks interesting and amusing. The moment you talk to a political situation in India, an abusive and angry response is thrown at you.

The anger, the disappointment , the depression and often frustration are logical conclusion of a man trying to revolt within.

A school child is upset with a loveless strict disciplined teacher. A young boy or girl, feel ashamed of morality discourses by parents who think they are right. A woman feels exasperated by in laws ' behaviour. A husband is angry with boss who never finds him correct or unhappy at home where his respect is jeopardized.

And then there are millions suffering from various departments and government functionaries, who are corrupt, inefficient or careless.

Every human being is in search of happiness. He wishes to satisfy his desires. He does all kind of combinations and permutations . He forgets pride, he compromises his will , he fights within for a cause whose success is paramount to him.

He is healthy if he wins. He is seriously ill if he is a He is healthy if he wins. He is seriously ill if he is a loser. Not every opportunity he converts into a tri‐ umph. So anger and disappointment ends into anger and depression which ends into self - revolution. This self-revolution is self searching or soul searching. It may make you an useless animal or a warrior against evils or a saint of subdued emotions. Can you be one of them or none of them ? Let us understand that a revolt within may be superficial act of revenge or a soul searching exercise to constrain self. One leads to acrimonious enemity and seconds leads to defeated successor. Neither situation brings true happiness.


So what to do when a situation warrants a sef-revolution.

1. Self-analysis preceeds self revolt. So a cool and calm mind matters over anger and hatredness.

2. The revolt within is an answer to bring solace to self . It should be self constructive and not self destructive.

3. The inner peace, the ecstasy of satisfaction and the eternal happiness are true mirrors of selfrevolution.