Blog NO. - 68

Date - 14 October 2018

I faced an emergency today. A woman in 20s , primi gravida, anaemic, pre term and profusely bleeding, diagnosed as an accidental haemorrhage and treated surgically to save mother and child. Every critical condition needs an apt management with precision and decision with timely help from all necessary quarters.

This makes my mind asking a simple question, how many life's emergencies, are managed by a collective wisdom and cooperation of friends and relatives, all near and dear?

None. We many times consider the subject too private to discuss. The subject of crisis may be financial, physical, or related to family. The final impact of an emergency is always suffered by the person involved. If the person gets supportive buffers, the the crisis passes of easily. The role of friends is not too small, always helping and fighting for. The true friends are friends of all occasions and all weathers. One who reaches out to help in crisis is your best friend.

If your environment is burning and the air around you is suffocating and supportive mech‐ anism is failing , the end result of an emergency is anism is failing , the end result of an emergency is predictable sad. The cascading effect lingers on for years. The life is full of emergencies. The victorious situation is few and list of failures long.


How to deal with:

1. Expect life full of uncertainty. Faith in self, faith in prayer will help.

2. An emergency can be doused with an effective and efficient management.

3. Panic is frustrating, patience is rewarding.

4. True friendship is of hour of crisis and not hour of happiness only.

5. Remember, an emergency is personal crisis and managed personally. Help from any quarters is welcome.