Blog NO. - 69

Date - 21 October 2018

Ashish is now an American citizen in his mid forties and I have seen him changing from non believer of God to a pious praying every little statues of Gods and Goddesses. He visits Ahmedabad every year and invariably visit little known temples in walled city. This reminded me to do some introspection and I planned to visit all leading doctors ' clinics and hospitals of yesteryears.


The first visit was to a hospital of my mentor Dr. R. M. Nadkarni. Once a national leader and a great surgeon, I have seen him treating hundreds of patients daily from all over Gujarat , now his hospital premises was sold and converted in a commercial property. Very near to his hospital, Near Bhadra , my sister's gynecologist Dr. Ushaben Patel was used to practice, the place is now a clothes shop. Once considered to be a road joining Kalupur railway station to Lal darwaja, Relief road had seen all leading doctors doing thrieving practice , the road is dead for doctors. Then came Ashram road, then c.g. road and now s.g. road.


Life goes on and we all are witnessing a changing pattern of fame and fortunes and disappearance of status and ego.


The famous gujarati poem which aptly convey a great message to buds that the falling leaves is great message to buds that the falling leaves is the fate of future and so not to be happy. How big you are and how big is your practice and how big your premises are, are questions not to be egoistic answered. The praise and love of people and patients are paramount.


Do we learn any lessons :

1. Time and material are mortal.

2. The fame and fortunes are transient and temporary.

3. The places and landmarks are perishable.

4. The names and name plates are replaceable.

5. The earned money is a statistical data, doesn't increase a day in life.


So live in hearts of thousands of your patients by helping them to allay their apprehensions , to remove their fears and give them an opportunity to be healthy again. Their happiness and satisfaction may not be perishable .