Blog NO. - 71

Date - 4 November 2018

The intelligetia of this great nation is now ga-ga over the outcome of the next general election. The die hard supporters are hard to believe otherwise and their commitment to the party is unfathomable. Then comes a group of people who felt betrayed by the government run by congress, saw a promising future under leadership of Shri Narendra Modi and voted for him and his party.


Then came lofty promises of party and expected fulfilment by people. This imaginary scenario would have ended into a win for all , provided the promises are kept. But alas, it didn't happen that way and unhappiness grew. This is the anatomy of disenchantment, whether it is politics or play ground , or marriage or friendship. It is a hurt feeling. It is less than expected.


It is a dream shattered. It is a destruction of trust.


When a relationship develops fatigue, when everyday becomes boring and when trust deficit increases , an urgent call for correction emerges , usually give way to despondency and end result is non sustainable relationship.


I neither want to be a political pundit predicting 2019 election nor a loveguru commenting on the deteriorating relationship. deteriorating relationship.


I simply wish to explore the the anatomy of disenchantment.


As it happens in politics and as it happens in any relationship, it has a same chronology.


Lofty promises day after day , winning the hearts and minds, securing a marriage of convenience followed by a brief period of honeymoon. Then starts the downside. The promises are unfulfilled, the distrust increases, the blame game starts, the opposition is made responsible, the silence becomes easy commodity to thwart unpleasant questions.


Buy , borrow or steal prevails.


Buy media and opponents, borrow the past successes and steal ideas of winning strategy.


How to win over a disenchantment:

1.The speakable truth is either a lie or a joke. The speaker is either a liar or a joker. No personal comment.

2. The face value of spoken words is zero. Any pluses is your benefit and profit.

3. The grand propaganda and hypnotic marketing is a hype of expected failures.

4. When the opposition grows and silence increases, the impending failure increases.

5.Every nation is a paradise of liars and fools. One shows dreams , people believe in.

6.The approach of little trust, little more disbelief and least possible success will not do disbelief and least possible success will not do disenchantment .