Blog NO. - 74

Date - 25 November 2018

The room was filled with dead silence, errie expectations and a lots of gummy excitement. There were scenes of high octane inside tv also , playing a last ball of nervous crack down. And then they lost. And the defeat was readable inside tv and outside in the room. A dead silence and an angry gesture summing up the defeat.


So what is defeat? A defeat is a loss of a presumed expectation , with or without side effects. A winning situation is in quandry. It has happened in the study, on the play ground, in the job interview or a business venture. 


It is an un expected experience of a loss in examination or in love and war. Even petty social situations where our view points are not heard , being perceived as a defeat.


So what is the outcome of a defeat? A defeat can make you or break you. It is wonderful opportunity to rise from ashes or to expect meek submission. There is no use, bringing venom, hatredā€ ness, jealousy, negative thoughts or depression. It is time to reconsider, recover and rejunvate. It is time to evolve new winning strategies , implement judiciously and execute perfectly. 


Leaving battle field is a meek submission to a defeat and challenging it and converting it in an opportunity , is a right approach. 


1. The defeat is situational , not life threatening.

2. It is temporary and transient, provided you have alternatives.

3. It should transpire rather than conspire.

4. It is a challenge to be a winner , to execute new thinking and newer modalities.

5. It is a learning process , experiencing , reassessing and excecuting for a future win. 


May the winners defeat the defeat.