Blog NO. - 75

Date - 02 December 2018

Around 8 to 10 doctors were brisk walking early in the morning. They talked every thing on the earth. But today was a day of complaints. Every one was sceptical about India and quality of life here. And then a talk about going abroad with children and selecting a better life , but missing friends and relatives here. 


They all sat in a circle and continue talking. A member got up and said , listen I have a beautiful idea. We are 12 and approximately 8 to 10 may add up. 


We buy a one bhk flat eachfor 20 and five for the guests. There is a common kitchen and laundry. No worries, simply pleasure. No cooking and no washing clothes, make life most comfortable. The retirement with friends and family was going to be an unique experience. There were many plus points compared to negative points. 


Are we all 60 plus, who have bigger houses and satisfactory money management, are a lot of unsatisfied souls. Their children are away, here in India or abroad and managing their palatial houses were not a small matter but frustrating one. If our day to day affairs are looked after well, no body on the earth will need any thing else! earth will need any thing else! 


There are many advantages of being with your friends in your latter life. 

1. Your life is qualified for merits. Friends understand you and your circumstances.

2. The days of fast lane are over and you are on a slippery wicket where best Helping hands are those of spouse and friends.

3. You are away from the family life, so away from worldly worries and cures.

4. Your spiritual aspect of the life is brightened as expected expectations diminish.

5. Truly your physical limitations are overcome and your mental make up lighten up.

6. There is feeling of fullness rather than emptiness. There is sweetness rather than bitterness.

7. The best part of this life is minimalism, purism and truism.

8. The pleasure is unlimited and the pain hardly noticeable.

9. The pressure of family expectations is replaced by unconditional love and cooperation of friends. 


Long live friendship.