Why We Should Donate?

Blog NO. - 9

Date - 10 Sep 2017

We are very emotional people. We cry easily, we laugh easily and even get angry easily. This is character which makes yoù solid like stone as well as liquid like water. This makes you tiger at a moment and at other times like a sparrow. Our emotional quotient vary at given time but intrinsic attitude will remain same.


There are places and persons, ever ready to exploit you , if you are emotional. You are an easy target for selfish people. I give you an example. Very recently during floods in Gujarat , I wholeheartedly donated cash to a political organisation.and old clothes to a NGO. Same evening talking to family members, some doubted whether this help will reach right place and right people!


Mind matters and you are in a catch 22 situation. It is not possible to reach the venue with requisite material and so you have to depend on some persons and or organisations. Here comes Trust quotient. We all Indians have poor t.q. We hardly trust. The real reason is not our nature but thriving dishonesty all around.


Americans have Harvey and Irma, to be sympathetic and benevolent


We have in India , numerous nameless occasions to start charity. We have highest no of widows, to start charity. We have highest no of widows, orphans , blind and disabled persons. We need urgent consideration for children unable to attend schools and doing child Labour. There are school going children without proper dress or books. They all need urgent restoration. We have unprecedented natural calamities due to rain and typhoons. We have half the population sleeping without proper meals. We have enough of epidemics. Our hospitals run short of beds and medicines.


I agree with some , quoting government 's responsibility, but is this the only reason not to come forward and help needy. I know, we have enough reasons to criticise the inefficient and corrupt gov't. machinery. But that may not be the sound reason not to come forward and help.


We , majority are born misers.


The reasons are as follows:


  • (1) Our upbringing is simple, difficult and often money less.
  • (2) we are taught to save money and spend little.
  • (3) we are not allowed to donate beggars and disabled in early childhood.
  • (4) The right place to offer money is a temple (god) and religious beliefs , is obeserved at early age.
  • (5) We are told and taught to sell old things like books, clothes, shoes and many other things, in lieu with new things at a laughable price
  • (6) we are taught not to trust government or charitable organisations, .as they are run by dishonest people. The possible help via them will never reach targeted people.
  • (7) In schools and colleges, we are taught to compete, which in turn take away the great character of generosity. So you will help only, if your selfish motives are fulfilled.
  • (8) The last but not the least, is our attitude which is self - correctable. But we don't want to.

To be a donor, you don't need to be a rich man , with resourcefulness.


You should not spend your hard earned money and still offer a helping hand.........

  • (1) The first step to be a benevolent donor is to find out the spare discarded things at home like, books, old clothes, shoes, chappals, kitchen items, old furniture and many more things. 
    And finding recipients. When the donor gives himself and the recipient is self selected, the joy of giving is paramount.
  • (2) The donation of time is very precious. I consider it more costly than money. Spare time, once a week. Donate for a noble cause. 
    There are so many organisations needing helping hand. Only precondition is to keep your ego at home. If you don't like in an organisation, you still use your stipulated time teaching children of lesser God.
  • (3) Keep ten percent of your profit for such noble activities. As the selection is yours , there is hardly any fear of misappropriation.
  • (4) Make a group of like minded people or friends where equal contribution monthly for pre planned activities can also give joy of donating.NHL group can initiate such activities. We also dedicate time, money and energy to our beloved field of medicines. If you try, sky is the limit.

The joy, the happiness, the satisfaction in donating is unparalleled. The feelings are divine and the experiences are to be cherished life long.


Let us start donating..........

Dr Ajay Shah

Date - 10 Sep 2017