Wife Appreciation Day

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Date - 24 Sep 2017

The westerners have mastered to call all sundays as special memory days. Let it be very popular friendship day which falls on 1st Sunday of August. And then goes on like,


3rd sunday in June as father's day


2nd sunday in may as mother's day


3rd sunday in april as husband 's day


But least known and least celebrated two sundays are


3rd sunday in July is wife 's day


3rd sunday in september is Wife appreciation day, only last Sunday it silently passed away.


A woman who is great as a mother , as a daughter, is hardly recognised as a great wife. Why we have a preconceived notions of a woman as a wife? Or is it our attitude to take it for granted , a woman's role as wife.


I see the journey of a wife in husband 's life thru the ups and downs and my eyes are filled with tears of joy and sadness. I apologetically explain you , why? This woman who was till yesterday a young bubbling This woman who was till yesterday a young bubbling girl, a darling of her father and love of her mother and family members leaves her home, her hobbies and her every remembarance , entering a world of unknown , with a lots of apprehensions. Nobody asks her of her convience, nobody asks her priorities , nobody asks for her choices, we all take her for granted.


From day one we treat a wife as a person who is supposed to adjust to everything, forcing her to forget the ever smiling young days of only yesteryear. Her dress code changes, her food habits are altered, her hobbies are nailed and her bed and bed partner change to unknown comfort zone.


She is soon to adjust to everything. New man in her life and new environment and new responsibilities. Have any husband ever ask a wife , are you O.k.?


Then comes kids... 9 months of pleasant torture ending up in the happiness of family but the sufferings of only woman. Her schedule becomes routine very quickly. She is once again whole home manager, cooking, serving, laundering, ironing, keeping home clean and tidy over and above breast feeding and baby care.


HOW many times a husband said, how can I help you?


Then comes the days of children rearing and days of senior care.


It is very taxing to manage children growing ideally and at the same time taking care of ageing seniors. You have only one sided mission. Your happiness is all around family, husband, children and in- laws.And what about the wife' s aspirations? They died , the day she married!


Her graying days are not as easy. She is to make all arrangements for the children to marry and wish them happiness. Any short-coming and husband will blame her. Same husband for him, she sacrifices every thing. She is like an enquiry office which is to answer and make all things available in time.


I remember my mother in her eighties, praying God to accept my father( her husband) for heavenly abode first. When I angrily asked , why? She said as a wife I will take care till his last day , but what would happened if I die early? That is the ultimate dedication.


When I sit alone, talking to myself. I wonder, feel apologetic, often cry alone. There are so many flashbacks of life which all where pinpointing the un- parallels, only successfully ended because of my wife.And this is common in everyone 's life. Just scan thru your past, and there are numerous examples of love and sacrifice by your wife , which made your life .


There are plenty of examples in life where we husbands neglected, but she stood firm , forthright and finale to finish the agenda. There are thousands of incidences which warrant heart felt sorry to a wife.... A wife's role as a dedicated mother, obedient daughter- in - law , over and above the ever sacrificing wife with smile, is only God's prerogative.


Last Sunday was (17th) International Wife Appreciation Day. I scanned 10 major national and international periodicals to find out any mention of the day.


Sorry to say, none mentioned, not even Google! This is a symbolic day that gives husbands a chance to demonstrate just how much they love and appreciate. She is a God's representative to be thanked for the all good things of our life everyday.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 24 Sep 2017