The Unsung Heroes

Blog NO. - 14

Date - 15-oct-2017

A spellbound audience of few thousands gathered to hear great singer Lara Mangeshkar , clpped for a long when she completed singing " aay mere vatanke logo. "


Sachin Tendulkar slashed another ton and lakhs of jubilant fans jumped in joy , hugged one another and fired a huge pile of crackers. A seasoned politician declares a hospital open after inauguration and many thousands gathered thunderous applause for uncounted minutes.


And here see a complete anta gonism. A doctor performed a few hours long surgery , most complicated, refused by many , meet relatives in waiting area, conveys success of the surgery.


No body clapped and lit crackers, even nobody thanked. Surgeon even though never expected any bouquet of flowers . Like many thousands doctors, he performed his duty.


In India, doctors are doing their duties incomparable to any including the army in context of circumstances, odd hours, poor infrastructure, mnonavailability of staff, medicines and instruments. Lakhs of sick patients go home fully recovered every year. 65 percent of the patients are treated every year. 65 percent of the patients are treated in small private establishments. Their charges are less compared to western world. Their risk taking is enormous. And yet the expectations are high. Patients wish to Godly rewards from doctors.


Have a look in the personal life of a doctor . Truly speaking he /she has no personal life , no family life. The majority of the doctors wake up at odd hours, eat at odd hours, work at odd hours, and sleep at odd hours. Hardly they have planned holidays or time to attend social gatherings. Every year around a thousand doctors leave this country heaven ward, treating patients, more than army persons dying at border. There is no celebrated funeral , no garlanding of body , no ex- gratia amount for the bereaved families. The doctor dies as a unsung hero.


Is there a remedy?


Can a doctor live a life of a common perception?


Can a doctor be rewarded for his/her heroic efforts?


Can a doctor get a special status for his duty?


It is difficult but not impossible

  • (1) The first thing to be done , is to change the perception of the people. This can be done by a leader. He should be a torchbearer of this movement of appreciation and rewards towards doctors. If people can clap the soldiers, why not doctors?
  • (2) Changing people's attitude by a hugh marketing by medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies. Regular TV and newspapers ad. Will change the scenario.
  • (3) last but not least is doctors to educate patients about the sacrifices made by them to see them disease free and happy. If we are emotionally exploited, why not the other side?


It is high time to establish our place next to God once again.


It will be right reward for our sacrifices.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 15-oct-2017