Life Without Emotions

Blog NO. - 16

Date - 29 oct 2017

A recent picture of a robot lady talking and answering few questions , made me wonder, what next? Well , she may do everything including driving a car and do surgery. But I will be un-impressed till she reacts like me , sobbing tearful to a scene of movie " Hum dil de chuke sanam" or shout and jump with joy after seeing Indian cricket team winning another exciting match.


Do we humans value emotions? Of course yes but the degree of depth diminishing. The lifestyle of an average person is too occupied with daily humdrum, so get little time to think and emote. He will respond like a robot, more mechanical, less emotional.


So the moot question is, are we to be replaced by an army of robot with artificial intelligence? Sadly, we have ourselves already become robots. I can prove my point : How do we react to a question from parents, spouse, children or our patients? 100 percent mechanical. We buy time , not to answer or simply avoiding , but never to understand the emotional aspect of the questions.


So goes our discussions, more and more mechanical. We put brains and not heart in these talks. Let us change these scenario:

  • (1) Smile with simplicity
  • (2) Think before an answer, get to the emotional aspect of question.
  • (3) Never hide emotions , never lie emotions. Express it. Share it.
  • (4) Respect other's emotions. Be part of grief or joy.
  • (5) life is full of incidences and we may need somebody to celebrate with or cry with. Be a part.


Emotionally yours


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 29 Oct 2017