Unwrap The Gift

Blog NO. - 19

Date - 18 Nov 2017

In year 2001, I was simply dying of hepatic encephalopathy, suspected viral infection. In coma, I saw myself outside myself, obesrving my struggling body. I had intense desire to fight and win this battle. For me, my family, my friends and my incomplete dreams. Eventually I won.


Post- sickness period is often a thought provoking and spiritual. I considered my sickness as a gift - wrap.


In my younger days, I had always desire to gift friends on their birthday celebrations. I will buy gift, will select beautiful paper to wrap, will do wrapping meticulously, hiding every crease and then apply equally perfect cellotape and a wishcard.


How long it takes the receiver to open the gift . For him , the gift wrap is simply trash. A waste- bin material. The real thing is gift, your body and soul. The disease is simply a gift- wrap, which is to be trashed to dustbin and real body to come out and enjoy


This also brings the realities of the fight between the body and disease. Mentally strong and physically fragile wins the battle and unwrap the God 's gift - the body. Let us win this battle for us and our patients.


  • (1) The disease is to be challenged and fought.
  • (2) More the mightier your mind, more easy to tame the disease
  • (3) Consider the disease as a gift- wrap not to be tempted to be likened , but to be thrown out like a trash.
  • (2) The new body is a rejunavated one and needs a new role of newer challenges.
  • (3) Never sympathise a disease.Never bow down to it. The curability is possible only with strong will and determination. So it is time to unwrap.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 18 Nov 2017