The Incomplete Life

Blog NO. - 22

Date - 3 Dec 2017

There was a silence for a minute. Friends were mourning a close friend who departed few hours back. His face was at peace with self but had a complaint to make before few hours to close relatives , I wish , I could have completed..........


This is story of life, yours, mine and for majority of the people world around. The life of incomplete dreams, unfinished agenda and unsatisfied work. Why a person knowingly accepting the truth of a limited years of life , do something foolish to dream a never ending world of immortal wishes!


I had a wishful thinking about any work , a project to be culminated into a great experience of satisfaction and happiness. But it was not a case every time. There were quite a few failures and many afterthoughts. Instead of this, I could have done that, a feeling of incompleteness.


This is our life story. It has a plenty of unfinished agenda, shattered dreams and brooding of dissatisfaction. The incomplete life. As we are APPROACHING a life train reaching a next stop, which can be final stop, who knows! And as we get ready for leaving friends and family members, we should be happy to leave our dreams, where they are!


Just look around you.There are plenty of the things lying around you, your table , full of books, your wardrobe full of clothes, your wallet full of money. Little far away a house, few cars and few more properties, an overflowing bank account and closely guarded bank locker.


As a departing person what is the value of the things left behind? For you , nothing. If so , what is the value or importance of unfinished dreams and incomplete agenda. NOTHING!


There are simplest rules to make our life a complete experience, provided we follow:


  • (1) The truth of life is, it is with a fixed duration, which has no extension.
  • (2) The destiny of life is, it is most unpredictable and be accepted as surprise of life, it can't be changed.
  • (3) The deeds(karma) of life are all pre-planned , the success and failure are pre-planned.
  • (4) The errors of the life teach us to soul- searching, we never do. We never stop.
  • (5) The successes of the life tell us to be complacent, satisfied and happy. But we unfortunately draw new agenda to try and trouble self.
  • (6) The completeness of the life , is pure joy, unbound happiness , sheer satisfaction of all you do with dedication and discipline irrespective of the results.


The love you do, the sacrifice you do and empathy you exhibit, are essence of a complete life.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 03 12 2017