Cease Fire Of Life

Blog NO. - 24

Date - 10 Dec 2017

When I was young, I used to read the newspaper about on going war between India and our neighbour - China. Every morning I prayed for our win , which never happened. One day after many casualties , there was a ceasefire. The war was temporarily halted .


There was no win either side. The only positive thing about ceasefire was , no further casualties ; no death , no destruction. I was 10 year old and the year was 1962.


It is now soon to be year 2018 and there is no qualm to retrospectively analysing my life and learning the hard facts where I had flying colours of victory , shameful sadness of loss , but many such movements of accepting a situation as it was. That was a ceasefire.


We all had a few friends and occasional foe , in every aspect of the life. Whether our school days, our college days, or our professional days. And there were occasions where we faced a catch 22 situation, to fight out fivorously or to accept meek submission. Either way there was a casualty. The victory was a physical injury of exhaustion and the loss was mental trauma.


There are hundreds of the books on life " HOW TO WIN " but none to , HOW TO ACCEPT A LOSS. This loss may be a friend , a job , a journey, a home, anything you desired. The life is full of happenings and incidences, everyone wishes to be a smooth sailing with happy ending. None, I will say, none wishes to be a loser. But the realities of the life are to be accepted as it is and only brave can accept a losing situation. But there are few who accept a CEASEFIRE.


When we grow old , wisdom prevails over our intuitions and emotional outbursts. We do think , about not hurting self and others. We try to avoid shameful situations. And many times we withdraw inside. We keep mum , we stop pursuing further efforts, we leave things as it is. This is a true CEASEFIRE of the self.


No casualties, no death, no destruction. It is the greatest accommodation and adjustment with self. Ceasefire, Even though a temporary reprival, it is not a defeat but it allows you to rethink, remodel and repair for renovating self.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 10 Dec 2017