The Trouble Shooting

Blog NO. - 26

Date - 24 Dec 2017

In my free hours, I read famous people and try understanding their view point.


Albert Einstein working on relativity, said , "learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. "


There is always an answer to your question and that is with you and you will have to find it out. The other people 's perception to your question , can be diplomatic, half heartedly or sometimes simply to please you. Because most times friends and family members do not want to hurt you.


I narrate you a situation. A personal tragedy, health related , makes you out of practice, and when recovering , put many questions forward. If I stop , if I reduce or if I tax myself and continue, what will happen! The answer will be different for all these presumed alternatives. Who will be the best person to understand and answer the question. YOU. No body but you.


I call many such situations like personal tragedy, practice related, family and friends related and some social situations, which warrant immediate attention and answer. I call these Catch - 22 situations, where any step further may make or break!


You have a choice to jump for the solution or to walk step by step. But sitting there, doing nothing , is no answer. That is self killing attitude which decays your ability to respond. Often we blame on our ageing process and risk aversion , but far from truth , it is our shameful approach to run away from the problem, which makes it a mountain.


The philosophy of saints and spiritual leaders may make you a strong willed. Friends and family members may help you with suggestions, support physically, economically and socially. But coming out of the cauldron, is only you , you and only you. The more mentally stable and strong willed you are, better is reaction, response and result.


How apt it is to learn from the poet Rabindranath Tagore,


Tari jo haak suni ne koi na aave to eklo jane re. You are the creator, you are the struggler and you are the surviver.


Enjoy the fight.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 24 Dec 2017