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Blog NO. - 28

Date - 7 Jan 2018

Some 20 years back, I had an ambitious plan for life and career and wanted a big push in my life but no money. So I thought of partnership . I took two advices, common those days. My astrologer warned me, my stars were not favouring a partnership. My father who had a many such business partnership , only advised me , how to successfully accept a failure.


For a few days I couldn't term my father's theory. I was young and enthusiastic, ready to take risks , so didn't care much other opinions. When you don't like an opinion in life , you call it a negative, but in reality , it is your pergorative, not others.After ten tumultuous years , that business relationship failed.I was drained out, frustrated, went to father, he advised me to close the matter like Completing a book after reading , CLOSE IT. Good memories will remain and bad will fade away


In entire life, we all develop three relationships, Friendship, marriage and business relationship. Friendship can be at school, college, job place or neighbourhood. All these relationships can not be pure, may be need based , may be emotional. A pure will last longer , a selfish will soon teether.


When a relationship at a stake , what you should do? There are some simple rules to follow, but adjustment with self and others, is key to final outcome, either in your STATUS as in friendship, marriage or business. 1. What went wrong, is less important than when it went wrong? If you detect an early discomfort, an early resentment, an early different opinion and analyse, why , a difficult situation later can be avoided.


How firm or rigid , you were in your approach. If you are living with fixed ideas, no relationship is good for you, it is bound to fail. Because the other party may have equally potent fixed ideas. Respect other's views. Adjust.


Sacrifice is too religious word , but essence is a bigger compromise. Try it.


When a relationship is suffocating, it is better to end like a read book, close the chapter with minimum resentment. Life is long ahead. So key to any relationship is



Maturity is ability to live in somebody else's life without guilt and expectations .Make a sensible adjustment, a small positive move may make it survive. The beginning is from your side .........


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 7 Jan 2018