Children Of Destiny

Blog NO. - 29

Date - 14 Jan 2018

In pursuit of happiness, we all have attempted fulfilling wildest dreams and tried every difficult attempt and yet, failed miserably.


My one of friends , boasting of the successes of life, narrated this way. I had an average education, but went to be a doctor, had a crush for a beautiful and intelligent girl, who became my life partner. Had a desire for an ideal family of two, and have a son and daughter. Desire to gift a beautiful house for parents and a peace ful weekend home for self , all these and sundry desires were fulfilled. WHY? Because destiny was and is on my side!


Do you believe? Well, you can ask me the same question! My answer is...............................Yes.


The life story of each of us tells us many things about achievements and failures , the gains and losses, victories and defeats. Can you change course of your destiny? I am sure , I can not! What is this bloody destiny , playing truant in my life , does not allow me to be successful!


We all are children of destiny.


More we work hard , more we get disappointment, more we believe in the destiny. Simply start from your childhood till today, down the memorylane, glance thru the achievable nots and unachievable yes, and you will realise that credit of many goes to destiny rather than the hard work done by you! So is it right to call , a cent percent success is one percent of perspiration and remaining destiny! Is this value of all my hardest, toughest, difficult attempts all my life? Yes and no.


Destiny is a latin word , can be called fate. Every religion has defined destiny , fate as a part of our spiritual existence. According to the science of spirituality, majority of our lives are ruled by destiny and a small part by wilful action. A drunk driver falls in to ravines and saved . A sober driver meets a similar situation and dies. Destiny is governed by spirituality while physical actions are governed by self. Destiny brings in life a pre-determined course of events, chosen by soul. It is equally difficult for self or soul to be a victorious architect of the life. Then there is a simple question, if we can't change destiny, then why even try? Whatever happens, happens and most of the time, we can't do anything. So why try? It is very complex issue. Destiny or fate is a course of event beyond human control. The end result is positive or negative. Eventhough we are anticipating a success with our all out efforts, a failure is an intentional conversion by soul to direct you to a new path of enlightenment . So try hard physically, get the results, analyse, do some soulsearching and start another exciting beginning.


Best of Destiny,


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 14 Jan 2018