Self Closure

Blog NO. - 32

Date - 4 Feb 2018

A friend of mine met me in a bank , first time after many years.


Before I begin a courtesy inquiry, he said , he came to close a bank account. His only son is in USA and not interested in anything here. I knew his passionate love for stock market and possessing plots here and there. What are you going to do ? I asked. He kept mum. He had no answer. He was unhappy. He was confused.


So we all approaching the golden gate of life and do not know the pleasant way to reach the final destination. There is going to be golden hand shake by God's representative or God himself and you are still confused.


In younger days, we all made many mistakes. When young to explore, we studied like bochias. When to care and preach parenthood, we simply earn and earn. Never gave quality time to our attention hungry children.


When we were supposed to spend for life's betterment, we started buying another house or farm house or a plot of land for a future wind fall. When we faced a dwindling practice, we foolishly ventured in to other hospital or clinic. All we know that life's eventuality is a hard fact , we accept or not , is the end , a permanent closure.


The situation is pathetic. We are not as strong as we were. The physical body is cheating you everyday. Your properties have become liabilities which once was show pieces of self appreciation. You were never to accept the mis calculation. Thruought life , steps were taken wrong after wrong . And at the ultimate over of life , you have forgotten, how to play!


So how to close self in the penultimate overs of life! It is not easy but also not difficult! You have three things with you, your body, your soul and your innumerable properties and cash. So when soul is eternal and body an absolute perishable , who is going to enjoy your cash and kind?let us be known by our names and deeds rather than immaterial materials. Now fix a deadline and start today:


  • (1) Start minimalism. Have a smallest house with bare minimum facilities. Sell all other properties and fix the money in best saving apparatus.
  • (2) Health is the most important priority at the sunset years of life. Money can buy anything, so have enough money for the final over..
  • (3) Your children, hardly need your financial support, do express yourself and do explain the management of your hard earned money.
  • (4) The best time in life is to donate purposefully , is NOW. There are many things to donate: old and new books , old and new clothes, old and new furnitures and lastly old and new money. Gift your friends, relatives and co-workers. There are hundreds of institutions waiting for the help.
  • (5) Winding up business is not so easy but winding up self, is most difficult situation. Be prepare for it.For the best , insure your thoughts, justify your action and self appreciate your successful agenda


Spirituality brings satisfaction and happiness.


Bring it today!


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 4 Feb 2018