A Sample Flat

Blog NO. - 35

Date - 25 Feb 2018

It was a sunday and I had full day of relaxation. Recovering from a weekly onslaught of time management is need of hour, yet we are doing many things reflexly.


A close acquitance needed a flat to buy , asked me to accompany in a bizarre show of sight - seeing.


We went to see a under construction scheme of a muli- storied flats. The manager welcomed us and started showing flats. First flat was only a building of only rcc walls , no windows, no flooring , no bathrooms. Next was a flat with rooms and bathrooms, windows and doors, floor and kitchen. We all were un-impressed. Lastly he took us to a flat , a completely furnished sample flat with all amenities. Marble flooring, beautiful colour Matching curtains, fully furnished kitchen, 8 feet dining table with 8 chairs , sofas in drawing rooms and all four bedrooms meticulously decorated on theme base. We all said , wow and liked it immediately. The only negative point was its price, exorbitant......


My mind went into the details of the jigsaw puzzle of game called life. It is not the naked body which is un attractive but also ridiculed. A decent clothing , a superb eye catching make up and an affable speech makes a human being a different person, a likable person. Adding to above features, and if the person is full of virtues, who is polite, congenial and cooperative. He is soft spoken, sincere and supportive. He is like a completely furnished sample flat.


  • (1) wear clothes which are different, attractive , not necessarily costly.
  • (2) style yourself, by way clothing, hair styling, make-up
  • (3) Smile, smile profusely , smile time-bound, either slow and poisnous or loud and contagious.
  • (4) Speak only after hearing. Be a patient listener. Speak truth, speak little , speak with reasoning. Speak answers and few questions. Keep mum in controversial discussion.
  • (5) Charm yourself and charm others. Personality is build on accountability of deadly decor, self- reflecting style, killer smile, superb speech and dedicated work. These are the qualities of charmers. They create love not hatred. They support cooperation and not controversies. You 're liked by others before you speak. Best wishes for being a sample flat - a person of all virtues and no vices.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 25 Feb 2018