Are doctors greedy?

Blog NO. - 2

Date - 21-May-2017

The article is written with sympathetic tone with emotional bias. I have myself written many a times such articles and spoken on various forums about the plights of the doctors. I have stopped doing so after a very poor response, hardly any genuine sympathy .


This needs a little introspection. In present scenario, the profession is seen by people as another business. The era of doctor being seen as a God is over.


There are now thousands of cases of complaints against doctors and many thousands disgruntled unhappy patients and their families.


We have accepted a Hippocratic oath.We are suppose to listen carefully, examine with due diligence, explain in details our observations and request genuinely needed investigations and prescription of most needed medicines.


The surgeons should follow a standard textbook approach in most of the cases


The money is always a secondary matter in our profession. If your intentions are noble , I promise , no doctor will sleep hungry, even if you do highest standard of ethical practice. But then what is enough for oneself is difficult to decide. Perhaps the greed does enter here.


We should never compare our income with topmost lawyers or for worst politicians. Respect your profession, not sending your children to your profession is your personal choice. Please do not be frustrated. your personal choice. Please do not be frustrated. Enjoy , whatever you do and do in best possible way. Life is big learning process and make it distinct is in our hands.


Doctors ' profession will eternally remain respectful , provided how good our approach to patients remain.The zeal to serve and not to earn, dedication to patient, discipline , sincerity , hard work and honesty will definitely pay big rewards, a true life time soul satisfying experience.