The Power Of Defiance

Blog NO. - 38

Date - 18 March 2018

In year 2001 many shocking events took place. Side line Godhara carnage and Twin towers attacks in USA, I was dying of hepato- encephalopathy . I was in my fifties and had three young daughters and ageing parents to look after. I had all kinds of loans and EMI time table for car, flat, bungalow and hospital.


I for the first time saw death from the close counter. Something was pulling me out of the bed and I was clinging to the thin bedsheet, fighting to stay alive , to fulfil my dreams and complete my responsibilities.


I was knowing my wife was made of steel and like every woman in crisis , she is no less than Maa Amba.But then my marriage was solomonised to be equal partners in sorrows and happiness. In 5 days of coma , I had many bitter fights with myself thanks to the crooked guy , God's agent , Yamraj.


I survived the battle, the in-depth fight details and critical conversation with God , needs a book to be written. But I had a long time recovering the insults of life time.


When I am fine, I ask myself. What makes all of us to fight in adverse circumstances and win.


What initiates the chain reaction to channelise all our energies to be cummulative and having cascading effects on coming events. What makes the true life hero where passion is the victory over pain and suffering.


Is this the power of defiance?


Truly yes. The weak, fragile body , attended by iv infusion and deluge of drugs, plasmas and precious antibiotics, is fighting with a towering inferno called- MIND.


Yes, Those fighting spirit and unheard endurance of mind finally make the victory and a defeated return of Mr. Yamraj. As a strong fighter I am entitled to get such an opportunity again , but my will is for victory and sufferings for satisfaction.


  • (1) Make mind to mend , not to bend.
  • (2) Inspire hope, No situation is hopeless.
  • (3) Expect a win. Winners are always positive
  • (4) Passionate about self. The fiery red attitude of do or die make you to win.
  • (5) Forget the physical traumas. More the number , bigger the conviction to fight.


This is all about the power of defiance. A spiritual victory and meek submission is thinnely separated by your mentalwishes and physical attitude. Long live the inspiring community of the spiritual fighters


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 18 March 2018