Mind Matters

Blog NO. - 40

Date - 1 April 2018

Recently the world farewelled a genius scientist , Hawkins and brought up the the topic of mind matters when physical body teethers.


How often we become sick and complain , the body does not work. There are pains and aches in muscles and joints. The movements are restricted and there is inability to perform a simplest of the work, brushing teeth, lifting a book , catching a pen, reaching wash room or wearing clothes. It is so frustrating, so sickening and so depressing.


When all of us become sick, a physical injury or physiological, the end result is a sick body. It may need a cure from the offending organisms and supplementing a support for the damaged body parts. What we really never concerned or worried , is the status of mind , which is prime responsible factor for the ultimate cure.


In Gujarati, we call it jijivisha, desire to live. Any sick person will never think to remain sick or further deteriorate. The only desire is to get well soon. And here comes the all possible positivity from Mind. Mind does matter. We all the time talk loosely about Mind, but hardly we use it properly or apply it in best possible way.


A simple exercise in pranic healing , is enough to justify the importance of the mind over the physical body. You have a sudden joint pain and physical disability, apply your hands on the affected area , ask your mind to send the signals to get relief.


Close your eyes, apply your hands,


Say " Sa pass " murmur many times and see the results. The pain will disappear or decrease.


Mind is fountain of all energies and closely connected to a sub - conscious mind. This powerhouse is hardly used by us.


When physically ill, we remember medicines, never mind. If you apply Mind, it will not only cure but bring out the root cause. The often sent messages like get well soon, is the mind miracle. A victory anywhere achieving every thing, often impossible, is because of your mind. An impossible cure from the terminal disease is the mind over matters.


Be Mindful.


Get well soon.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 1 April 2018