The End Of The World

Blog NO. - 42

Date - 15 April 2018

I am horrified to see hundreds of movie clips being shown in various programs of many news channels , just to make them spicy, to increase their viewership. And all these imaginary scenes are depicted in contact with all possible imaginary scenario of war with North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, Pakistan or Iran. Their imaginary bluffs even tell us a possible scenario of world war 3 and possible destruction of properties and death of millions.


For a moment , consider this a real possibility of today's world, where there is perception of the threats leading to such situation , not impossible. Now look at the leaders at the helm of the world's politics, all are strong, high-handed, egoistic, selfcentric, and maniac and often anti- people


These leaders where elected or selected for the betterment of the people, happiness of the people and for a satisfaction in life. The basic need of happiness is quarrel free society where every citizen is having right to speak, do business, to study, to profess a religion of choice, to eat , to marry, and many more things of his or her choice.


The government and their leaders are supposed to look after their people , make them a happy and healthy and satisfied.


They are never elected to do what they do internationally. If America strikes North Korea or India strikes Pakistan or Saudi strikes another gulf country, are there happier days for the people of the countries they live! The fact is such war mongering activities will ruin the basic principles of a society of mutual respect and coordination.


Why these leaders and their governments are doing, what are not their priorities and what are not people oriented. The truth , the real truth is escapism. Yes.They very well know, how difficult is to run a country of millions of people of the diverse religious beliefs and different aspersions with sparse natural resources and reccuring natural calamities. So their focus is to divert people 's attention. Instead of basic need of a truly happy society is food, clothing, shelter, education, earnings and health, they put poisnous seeds of inequality, inadequacy, insecurity and dependency. They take away most of your rights in name of discipline. They create laws to restrict rather than relax, they divide than unite people.


What is the need of petty issues being highlighted to gullible, less educated and temperamental , jobless people of these countries and kept live the issues burning forever.? Ram- janmabhumi is an example. Because the day they are selected or elected , they know their impending doom and gloom and so divert from core issues.


What we can do as responsible people world over as I see these problems in every country and affecting every citizen. There are slow non violence and strong violence actions judiciously used to bring sanity to the rulers and happiness to people. There are many methods of peace march, Rasta roko, hunger strike or violent like damaging government properties, like buildings and buses. I know for sure , will never ever yield any result, only it will bring miseries.


So what is the answer, CREATE FEAR. Yes. The people whom we choose to serve us better, are supposed to be fearful of us. It is as simple as employee and employer relationship. Who is afraid of whom? After electing rulers, we should be masters, instead become slaves . So need of hour is to reverse relationship.


Yes. Reverse relationship by creating a fear amongst the rulers and politicians claiming to be our service providers. We , the people who gave our shoulders to lift them to victories, have all the right to throw them for non- performance. Non- violence method of not electing after 5 years is not a successful method , mired by corruption and controversies.


Every politician like a simple human being is having a family and stakes in various properties and businesses. Everyone loves life and once you start from periphery creating fears, and prove yourself to be masters and not slaves, much good things will be done automatically. We need few fearless people to do and days are not faraway as technology advances may not require an open confrontation to create fear. Once a ruler is true service provider, Ramrajya will come even without Ram- mandir!


Waiting to happen ,


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 15 April 2018