Love The Body

Blog NO. - 43

Date - 22 April 2018

I had a sunday meeting with a friend recovering from an unusual sickness challenging the medical fraternity. He was depressed. He wanted to have a golden age of retirement. He wanted to do many things, which he could not do because earning and family rearing took away most of the time when he was young. He said, his body is his enemy, not supporting him.


I thought and and thought, even though I consoled him immediately, because I myself had a lingering sickness of several months. The bed is your best friend and the friends and relatives gradually stop seeing you. But I always challenged my sickness and never my body.


TMy body has a trillions of cells, doing zillions of cellular activities to complete millions of body functions. And many things, I may be doing contradictory to my body's need. It runs my heart , my brain and all the systems. There are so many signals suggesting that there is a difficulty ahead, a discrepancy ahead. How many times , we gave time to listen to our body!


A sickness is a refusal of ourselves to listen to our body, intentionally or inadvertently. It is culmination of cumulative impact of constant repeated insulants to our body. The words like, your body has betrayed you, your body has worsened, your body is broken or your body is your enemy, are all bad statements of a confused person, whose will power is at lowest. I call it " self- sabotage."


How to love your body or how to understand your body to rectify its problems :


Simple lessons:


1. My body is mine , it needs my love and not anger.


2. My body 's potentials are indefinite.


3. I will understand my body, will respect, will never insult.


4. I will analyse all bad and good signals from the body and immediately try to accept and correct .


5. I and my body are one. There is no separation.


God has crafted your body after a lots of considerations and this huge gift is to be cared and loved and never to be hated.


So love your body, even if it needs repair, repaint or rejunevation.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 22 April 2018